Physical health concerns? Bad habits to break? Just want your confidence back? The power of hypnosis works wonders for helping you get your life back on track!

For emotional clearing and improving relationships, or for healing difficult parts of your past, regression therapy and past life regression therapy can be truly transformational.

Feel like your energy is depleted or blocked? Does your physical body seem to be failing you? You may benefit from energy balancing and clearing through reiki channeling or other spiritual healing work.

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For those interested in learning more about your soul's inter-life, I've got good news to share! In September, I plan to take an advanced training course with the PLRA for conducting Between Lives (BL) Regressions. If you are interested in having a BL regression, please contact me. There will be a discount for the first five people who schedule with me!

Learn more about past life & regression therapy training with the Past Life Regression Academy! Click here for more info.