Between Lives Regression Therapy

Between Lives (BL) Spiritual Regression, also known as "Life Between Lives" regression, guides a person to the inter-life experience in the non-physical realms between earthly incarnations. This is where clients can meet their spiritual guides/ angels, soul groups, as well as the more spiritually advanced "Enlightened Ones" or Council of Elders to learn about their past and present lives, their work on Earth and in the spirit plane, and their soul purposes. 

People choose to do spiritual regression to gain insight about the purpose of their current lives and the lessons that they are working on as well as to understand current relationships, family, and life experiences. Spiritual regression can be a very enlightening journey, and it enables one to view his or her current life from a spiritual or soul perspective rather than from a purely earthly one.

If you are interested in a Between Lives session to further explore your own soul's history, please contact me! They will be part of a 2-session package which includes the pre-session for preparing you for the experience (2.5-3 hours), and the Between Lives session (3.5-4 hours). A $50 discount will be given to the first 5 clients who schedule with me.