Energy Clearing for Unwanted and Foreign Energies

Just like a coat can become dirty, so can your auric field become "dirtied" by foreign and unwanted energies. Your auric field is the energy body that exists around your physical one, and any blockages in this field can be destructive to the health of your emotional, mental, or physical self. It is important to keep your energy field clear in order to maintain a strong "spiritual immune system.

Unwanted energies can take the form of negatively-charged thoughts or emotional energy from other people, blocked energy from your own unresolved issues, or even energy fragments from spiritual entities of lower vibrations. Perhaps you just returned home from a trip and haven't felt yourself in over a day, or you can't seem to shake the anger from last night's fight with your spouse, or maybe even the usual lonely feeling you sometimes get has suddenly turned into despair and hopelessness. These scenarios describe someone who may be influenced by foreign and unwanted energy. In most cases, it is an simple process to clear foreign energy. Other symptoms of interference may look like the following:

    • not feeling like your normal self
    • feeling unusually fatigued or moody for no reason
    • normal negative emotions are much stronger than usual
    • having atypical and unusual thoughts
    • violent or scary dreams
    • feeling negatively connected to another person
    • any of the above symptoms brought on suddenly after experiencing a trauma, serious illness or operation, a loss, or other emotional crisis

    If you feel you have foreign or unwanted negative energy that needs to be released, feel free to contact me for a consultation call. Most clearing sessions last 1-2 hours.