Web Resources and Suggested Readings

Recommended websites and articles on Regression and Hypnosis:

Links to the Spiritual Regression Show:


Recommended books for further learning:

Are you a Christian struggling to understand regression, past lives, and energy healing? 
Below are some resources you may find helpful.

Edgar Cayce was one of the most gifted Christian psychics and medical clairvoyants of the 20th Century, and his story of his spontaneous discovery of past lives is profound and insightful. Cayce's ARE organization continues his good work in healing, training, and research, and you can find hundreds of resources on mind- body healing, spirituality and the Collective Consciousness, and Christian-based reincarnation on the ARE website:

  • Main website of The Association for Research and Enlightenment: www.edgarcayce.org
  • Recommended book on Edgar Cayce's life story and discovery of reincarnation:  There is a River by Thomas Sugrue

Here are some websites explaining how Christians can accept the practice of reiki and energy healing without compromising their beliefs: 

This is a website devoted to helping Christians understand "New Age" spiritual perspectives about forms of consciousness, chakras, and the human energy body: The Chakra System, A Christian Understanding: http://shalomplace.com/inetmin/chakras/