Testimonials from Jessie's Clients

"Jessie is a phenomenally gifted practitioner. She demonstrates care and understanding; and is truly interested in helping the individual get the information they need for self fulfillment and growth."

-R.W., Charlotte, NC

"Jessie Stringer is not only a gifted and dedicated therapist, she is also a deeply sincere and caring person and friend. Her calming demeanor put me immediately at ease. I was so impressed by the amount of time she spent talking with me about the issues I wanted help with, asking in-depth questions that made me think more critically about those issues and helping me pinpoint my personal goals. My therapy sessions were relaxing, rejuvenating and immediately very productive. I have been blown-away by the results! Jessie targeted my high levels of anxiety and lack of stress management, as well as the negative effects those issues were having on my self-image and my personal relationships. As a result of her amazing work, I no longer have daily debilitating stress headaches, I am sleeping soundly, I am no longer eating as a form of stress management/anxiety relief, and by far most importantly, I have experienced an absolute and total turn-around in my relationship with my strong-willed, determined pre-schooler. Through intensive regression therapy, Jessie helped me to identify the deeply-engrained source of the discord in my relationship with my daughter and work to heal it. There are not words enough to express my gratitude to her!"

- K.R., Charlotte, NC

"As a first time hypnosis client, I felt more than a little out of my comfort zone when I met Jessie for our first session--- many questions were going through my mind: is it “safe”. . .will it “work” on me. . .what am I supposed “to do” during the session? All needless worry. . .five minutes into our session, all anxiety was gone. Jessie’s professional, confident manner as a therapist and her calming, soothing voice guided me gradually into my very first hypnotic relaxation state,  I was surprised how easily I was able to relax and open myself to a path of improved mental and physical wellbeing.  Each session reinforced the previous one and helped me leave behind crippling issues and attitudes and move ahead with renewed physical energy and positive mental awareness. I would definitely recommend hypnosis therapy and will not hesitate to seek Jessie’s help in the future."

-L.V., Montgomery, AL

"At first I was a little anxious about hypnotherapy, but Jessie was awesome. She explained so well what to expect and gave me so much support during the sessions. She has a very nice personality and a calming voice which makes her an amazing guide."

- A.T., Zürich, Switzerland

"What can I say about my therapy with Jessie? In a few words...it just changed my life!  When I contacted Jessie, I was, if not completely, very lost in my life and sick and tired of the immense pain I had inside; a pain that would not go away with regular counseling, no matter how many appointments I had with my psychiatrist.... the dimension I reached with the regression sessions was beyond what I could have ever expected.  I not only got to understand myself better but also the people I love the most and the circumstances of why pain was in my life. I had so much to forgive, so much to let go, and Jessie's talent and engagement for her work is what made a difference.  I suffered from a childhood trauma that affected my everyday life, and I could not deal with the pain anymore. Jessie's patience and understanding helped me to work through my fears to really truly heal! There is so much I could say about the way my life has improved.  

I would recommend regression therapy to anybody regardless religious beliefs or spiritual background.  I am scientist myself  (for almost 20 years), and my experience of regression has proven that there is much more to this world than just reality.  You get in touch with your inner true self, and that's why you heal.  I will be always grateful to Jessie. What an amazing experience-- it was just what I needed! I can say now that I have found peace, and the pain is gone forever! Thanks forever, Jessie!"

- K.S., Zürich, Switzerland

"Prior to utilizing Jessie’s skills as a hypnotherapist, I had tried traditional therapy to help me deal with the loss of a family member. I found this method to lack depth, and did not feel it really targeted the issue. I reached out to Jessie to learn more about hypnotherapy and regression analysis, and felt this would be the most effective way to help me battle my grief. I was not disappointed. Jessie was extremely warmhearted and devoted to helping me overcome my struggle. She utilized regression therapy with me to target the root cause of my challenges, which I have found to be immensely enlightening. She also provided me with constructive tools that I can use every day, which have helped me grow spiritually. One of the greatest things about Jessie and her work is that she is very dynamic; she can help you overcome the smallest of issues or tackle something more profound."

- J.M., Los Angeles, CA

"I had three hypnotherapy sessions with Jessie related to a physical problem I was dealing with at the time. The sessions were great and helped me focus my energy towards slowly but surely eliminating the issues I was dealing with. I still listen to the recordings from time to time to help me relax. Jessie was extremely professional and made me feel really at ease. I was very impressed and appreciative of the amount of effort and customization she put into her script to match what would work for me. We also had great two way communication because she was always interested in listening to any feedback I had. Additionally, I had one regression session with Jessie which lasted over 2 hours, but felt to me like 30 minutes. I am very grateful for that opportunity as that session was very impactful and helped me to make improvements in my life starting immediately."

- S.F., Boston, MA

"I'm not sure past life regression is for everybody.  Maybe some people aren't ready.  I didn't think I was ready and frankly-- I was a little nervous… When I first met Jessie, I knew right off the bat she was a very calm and peaceful soul.  Put me at ease right away.  This was a big deal for me as I was more than a little nervous and worried that nothing was going to happen and this would be a waste of time and money.  In three hours time, my world would be different. At first we talked a little and then it was time to see if I could be taken back to a previous life.  I don't know if she hypnotized me or not but I was fully aware of the present and what was going on and I had full control of everything I said and did.  This was all new to me. I'll not go into the details of the three lives I went back to, but they were a long, long time ago.  I got to do a life review and go over some of the dreadful things I did.  All the lives were so very much different than anything I had imagined I was going to see and feel…The most amazing thing that has happened is that it has opened my eyes to so many good things that I'd been overlooking and filtering out of my life.  For the first time I feel like I'm really living and wish I'd done this sooner.  This was such a positive experience that life changing seems a little understated.  My advice --- open your mind and give it a try."

-C.H., Charlotte, NC


"I was surprised how 
easily I was able to relax and open myself to a path of improved mental and physical wellbeing."


"My therapy sessions were relaxing, rejuvenating and immediately very productive. I have been blown-away by the results!"


"...the dimension I reached with the regression sessions was beyond what I could have ever expected."


This was such a positive experience that 'life changing' seems a little understated.  My advice --- open your mind and give it a try.