What is Regression Therapy?

Regression therapy is a highly effective method for helping people get to the source of their problems and transform them permanently. Essentially, clients are guided back, or regressed, in their memory banks to the originating event where a complex or conflict started. Then, work is done around that memory to help resolve current issues and symptoms.


Deeply rooted problems can be embedded in memories that are blocked or inaccessible to your conscious mind, and therefore, they cannot be resolved by most psychotherapy. Your symptoms may be lessened for a while, but in time, they will return. Regression therapy is different, however, because it uncovers memories that are hidden deep in the subconscious. I like to think of the comparison as "superficial healing" versus "deep tissue healing." Regression therapy uses techniques like hypnosis and other non-hypnotic bridges to bring those deeply embedded memories to the fore for transformation and healing. As the body relaxes, your memory sharpens; the veil between the conscious and the unconscious mind thins, and memories can be retrieved. By targeting the source of your problem or complex, one can create transformation at the level of origin. The healing filters upward from there, first desensitizing you from the anchoring memory and then transforming the physical, mental, and/or emotional symptoms experienced on the conscious level.


In some cases, the memories that are uncovered relate to prior events in a person's current life, e.g., childhood abuse, the painful loss of a loved one, a difficult or traumatic incident, etc. But very often, they can also be memories from past lives as well. A migraine, chronic lower back pain, or numb limb may be telling a story from an old accident or injury that remains unresolved. A fear of water or the recurring thought "I can't breathe" may derive from a drowning tragedy in a past life. Or even tension with a certain person in your life may reflect unresolved feelings from a past life relationship. Regression therapy, whether current life or past life, works with the somatic, psychological, and spiritual residues from our past that are at the root of our present problems. It transforms them in a way that is both safe and structured.

In addition to traditional regression and hypnosis techniques, I also incorporate other forms of energy healing when needed like body therapy or spirit release. Click here for more information on other healing techniques that I offer.