What is Spiritual Healing?

In regression therapy, there are times when spiritual healing techniques are needed to assist in the process of change and transformation. Holistic healing is multidimensional, occurring on many different levels at a time: (1) mentally, by changing one's thoughts and destructive beliefs about oneself/ others; (2) emotionally, by understanding and removing the negative charge of an emotion; (3) physically, by correcting imbalances in the body and promoting health; and (4) energetically, by clearing unwanted energy blocks and negative energetic imprints and enhancing spiritual/ soul awareness. Holistic healing is aimed at bringing the body, mind, and spirit back to a state of harmony, balance, and equilibrium.

Einstein discovered long ago that everything in the universe has an energetic frequency-- rocks, trees, animals, humans, and even our thoughts and emotions. Just like debris can keep a river from flowing smoothly, so can negative energies hinder our natural state of vibration. Long-term blockages in our energy systems can result in a myriad of problems, including severe illnesses like cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome, and even mental illnesses like depression. It is important that we always keep our energy systems clean and clear in order to reach optimum mental, emotional, and physical health.

How can we do this? Rest and meditation is an excellent way to keep your energy system healthy, along with eating healthy foods and keeping a positive attitude. Another way is to work through your problems and release any negative thoughts, emotions, or other energies that influence you. And that's where I can help! There are different techniques that I can employ to aid in this process of deep energy healing in addition to the traditional tools of hypnotherapy and regression therapy: channeling reiki (meaning "source energy") for clearing and balancing one's energy system, releasing spirit attachments and other unwanted negative energies from your spiritual body, transforming physical blockages through body therapy, and helping you connect to your Higher Mind and spiritual guides for insight and clarity. Energy healing can be especially helpful after a physical, mental, or emotional trauma, but it is also useful for everyday concerns or conditions.